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NGU. Library - Announcement

NGU. Library - Announcement
Great News with the New Year
After long search and negotiations Library and IT team are happy to inform NGU. Academic faculties that the H.E. NGU. President confirmed contracting and purchasing “Koha” Library management System in addition to the following Information management platforms:
Koha – Library Management System: Since the original implementation in 1999, Koha functionality has been adopted by thousands of libraries worldwide, each adding features and functions, deepening the capability of the system. The following are the main features of Koha library sub-systems:...More

(published on 01/09/2017)

EKB – Egyptian Knowledge Bank

EKB – Egyptian Knowledge Bank

Electronic Resources

Terms and conditions of use

E-resources are subject to copyright law just like printed materials and their use is also governed by the license agreements that EKB signs with publishers when arranging electronic access. These agreements set out how the e-resources may be used and who may use them. You are responsible for ensuring that you use e-resources in accordance with these requirements. Please remember that your username and password are for your use only and must never be disclosed to others.

What can I use e-resources for?

You can use e-resources for private study, teaching and / or research, provided that these activities are for non-commercial purposes.

What can I do with e-resources?

As a general rule you may, for your own personal non-commercial use (private study, teaching, research):

  • print a single copy of an article or chapter;

  • save a copy of an article or chapter;

  • print single copies of or save limited extracts from a database.

What can I NOT do with e-resources?


  • use the e-resources for any commercial purpose;

  • make multiple print or electronic copies of a single article or chapter;

  • make print or permanent electronic copies of more than one article from one issue of a journal or one chapter from an e-book

  • engage in systematic or excessive downloading, either manually or through the use of technical means such as robots;

  • provide print or electronic copies of material to anyone;

  • post any content on the Internet or other electronic network;

  • remove or alter publisher copyright notices, authors' names, journal / book / chapter / article titles or any other means of identification;

  • alter or adapt material from the e-resources.

(published on 09/27/2018)

Open Access Medical Information Resources

Free Medical Journals -

Provides free access to 3,316 medical journals.

MEDLINE, PubMed, and PMC (PubMed Central): How are they different?

PMC - PubMed Central® (PMC)

NPMC is a free archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM). It is a repository for journal literature deposited by participating publishers, as well as for author manuscripts that have been submitted in compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy and similar policies of other research funding agencies.

PubMed provides free access to

  • MEDLINE, NLM's database of citations and abstracts in the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, health care systems, and preclinical sciences.

  • Citations that provide a record for an article before it is indexed with MeSH® and added to MEDLINE or converted to out-of-scope status.

  • Citations that precede the date that a journal was selected for MEDLINE indexing.

  • Citations to articles that are out-of-scope (e.g., covering plate tectonics or astrophysics) from certain MEDLINE journals, primarily general science and general chemistry journals, for which the life sciences articles are indexed with MeSH for MEDLINE.

  • Citations to some additional life science journals that submit full-text articles to PubMed Central® and receive a qualitative review by NLM.

  • Citations for the majority of books and book chapters available on the NCBI Bookshelf.

  • Links to full-text articles found in PubMed Central or at publisher web sites, and other related resources.

  • Provides Advanced search, Clinical Queries search filters, and Special Queries pages.

  • Links to related articles and provides discovery tools for other data that may be of interest.

  • Includes automatic e-mailing of search updates, the ability to save records, and filters for search results using "My NCBI".

  • Includes a spell checker feature.

  • Links to NCBI molecular biology resources.

  • Adds citations daily.

PubMed's LinkOut 

Feature provides access to a wide variety of relevant web-accessible online resources, including full-text publications, biological databases, consumer health information, research tools, and more. More than 60 percent of PubMed records are linked to the full text on publishers' web sites or in PMC (PubMed Central). More than 90 percent of the records from the past 10 years are linked to full text. Users may have to register, or there may be a fee or subscription required to access the full text.

IndMed -

The purpose of IndMED is to index selected peer reviewed medical journals published from India. It supplements international indexing services like PubMed. It covers about 100 journals indexed from 1985 onwards.

IndMED has been produced under an ICMR funded project - "National Databases of Indian Medical Journals". Another resource produced under this project is a portal of full text articles (medIND) of select Indian medical journals indexed in IndMED or PubMed.

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Provides more than 8,518 OA free, full text quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals from 121 countries including India. United States tops the tally with 1,270 OA journals, followed by Brazil (801), United Kingdom (575), India (463) and Spain (442). Just 22 countries with more than 100 OA journals each account for 6,672 (78.33%) OA journals.

OpenDOAR The Directory of Open Access Repositories

An authoritative directory of academic open access repositories. Each OpenDOAR repository has been visited by project staff to check the information that is recorded here. This in-depth approach does not rely on automated analysis and gives a quality-controlled list of repositories.

PLOSPublic Library of Science, 

Is a nonprofit publisher and advocacy organization. Every article published by PLOS / PLOS journals [PLOS ONE, PLOS Biology, PLOS Medicine, PLOS Genetics, PLOS Computational Biology, PLOS Pathogens and PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases] is open-access- freely available online for anyone to use. 

BioMed Central

Publishes 241 peer-reviewed open access journals. Research articles published in BioMed Central's journals are freely available online to the entire global research community. They are available via BioMed Central's website, the National Institutes of Health's electronic depository of full text articles, PubMed Central, as well as in many other major international archives. 

J-Gate is an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature

Launched in 2001 by Informatics India Limited, J-Gate provides seamless access to millions of journal articles available online offered by 13,184 Publishers. It presently has a massive database of journal literature, indexed from 46,870 e-journals with links to full text at publisher sites. J-Gate also plans to support online subscription to journals, electronic document delivery, archiving and other related services.

HON Health on the Net Foundation

Promotes and guides the deployment of useful and reliable online health information, and it’s appropriate and efficient use. Created in 1995, HON is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, accredited to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. For 15 years, HON has focused on the essential question of the provision of health information to citizens, information that respects ethical standards. To cope with the unprecedented volume of healthcare information available on the Net, the HONcode of conduct offers a multi-stakeholder consensus on standards to protect citizens from misleading health information. HON is funded by the State of Geneva, several European projects, the French National Health Authority (HAS) and the ProVisu foundation. HON is also supported by the Geneva Hospital since its inception.


The Cochrane Library

Is freely available for all residents of India to access full contents online, an independent high-quality evidence for health care decision making.

AMA Journal of Ethics®: Illuminating the art of medicine

NEJM – The New England Journal of Medicine

(published on 09/27/2018)

Best Medical Information Online

While there are dozens of great websites that provide reliable, trustworthy, unbiased health and medical information, here are two of the best all-purpose sites that are easy to use. Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and managed by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, MedlinePlus provides information on more than 900 diseases and conditions in their “Health Topics” section, and links to other trusted resources. It also provides a directory of hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers, a medical encyclopedia and medical dictionary, tutorials on common conditions, tests, and treatments, extensive information on prescription drugs, supplements and herbs, and links to thousands of clinical trials. It even offers a senior specific health site ( that makes age-related health information easier to get. Owned by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, this site is produced by more than 3,300 physicians, scientists and researchers from Mayo Clinic, and provides in-depth, easy-to-understand information on hundreds of diseases and conditions, drugs and supplements, tests and procedures. It also offers a nifty “Symptom Checker” tool and “First-Aid Guide” for fast answers to all types of health conditions, along with medical blogs, expert answers, videos and links to additional resources.

Disease Specific Sites
There are also dozens of other sites dedicated to specific diseases and conditions. Here are some top-rated sites as listed by the Medical Library Association on cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

(published on 01/16/2017)
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